Why You Should Wash Your Hair With Beer For 7 Days In A Row

Wash your hair with beer for 7 days and you’ll have brighter and hydrated hair and also your hair won’t fall anymore because it stops hair loss.

Used regularly, beer strengthens your hair, prevents it from falling and gets you rid of greasy hair.

Why you should wash your hair with beer for 7 days in a row?

Even if you don’t drink beer, you can buy it and use it as a magic potion for your hair health because it’s rich in vitamin B. This is great in getting rid of dandruff and preventing hair loss.

Beer also nourishes hair follicles, and removes grease from your hair making it look cleaner.

Alcohol in beer provides shine to your hair.

It improves the quality of the hair and gives it volume.

How to use?
It’s recommended to use dark beer because it contains biotin, and the beer should be open with 1 day before use.
You can mix beer with your regular shampoo or apply it directly on your hair after shampooing. Let it act for 5 minutes then rinse with water. Use conditioner after this beer treatment because you don’t want to smell like booze.

The effect will be immediately visible and after you dry your hair it will be brighter and with more volume.

Image Credits: Lifemartini and Wikihow

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