What warning signals your body sends when you feel back and joint pain

Most people consider joint or back pain represent a normal issue as they get older. But these sufferings may indicate certain deficiencies in the body.

Back and joint pain can have a negative impact on your daily activities, but you can become active again, enjoying your hobbies such as running, biking, gardening, etc.

So, you find it funny that such pains are not caused by aging, weight, sedentary or low activity. Few people know that they are associated with a deficiency of vitamins in your body that are not assimilated from food.
The lack of vitamin D is the main cause of these pains. If you don’t take action by providing the necessary vitamin D, you can develop bone diseases, such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

How do you realize you begin losing vitamin D

When you start losing vitamin D, your body gives a series of signals. So, you are warned that the supply goes down and the pain doesn’t begin suddenly. You must listen to your body and be careful on the signals, especially that the early stage symptoms are easy to ignore.

Here are the signs:

– You feel that your feet are burning
– You start losing your balance
– You can’t sleep properly. Even if you go to sleep at a normal hour, you wake up often during the night.
– Sore feet

How do we get vitamin D

Beside food supplements containing daily dose of vitamin D, this vitamin can get into the body by sunlight. But during the winter you can consume fish containing vitamin D such as mackerel, sardines, tuna or salmon. Also, eat dairy products, egg yolk, grains, nuts, apples.

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