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DIY Body Butter To Fade Away Your Varicose Veins

Personally, I don’t find varicose veins to be pleasant at all. Besides being painful, they are also quite unsightly especially in the summer when wearing a skirt or shorts. Nonetheless, varicose veins are caused by a variety of factors. Most commonly known are the older age, the pregnancy, or a general lack of blood circulation. Whichever the cause, these varicose …

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How to treat varicose veins with green clay: maximum efficiency guaranteed

Next treatment is extremely effective for varicose veins. You should know that in the initial treatment stage an apparent condition worsening may occur, but you shouldn’t worry about it. Also, because this cure to have maximum efficiency it is very important that an internal detoxifying treatment should be followed. This treatment should contain lemon juice and a diet rich in …

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