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How To Prepare My Grandmother’s Honey-Onion Syrup To Get Rid Of Cough And Flu

Honey onion syrup is a healing recipe borrowed from my grandmother’s pharmacy, successfully used to get rid of cough and cold. It is very effective for adults, and can be adjusted (removing honey) for children. Against all expectations, this natural syrup is tastier than it sounds. In addition, it is very cheap and much healthier and more efficient than synthetic …

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5 Home Remedies You Should Try To Get Rid Of Common Infections

Sometimes, even if you have a strong immune system, you’ll face with an infection. Symptoms such as cough, cold and fever are the natural way of the body in fighting the infection. In most cases we take medication as soon as we get sick, and that stops the immune system to do its job. To develop a strong immune system, …

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