How to treat varicose veins with green clay: maximum efficiency guaranteed

Next treatment is extremely effective for varicose veins. You should know that in the initial treatment stage an apparent condition worsening may occur, but you shouldn’t worry about it. Also, because this cure to have maximum efficiency it is very important that an internal detoxifying treatment should be followed. This treatment should contain lemon juice and a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables.

You need a pack of green medical clay, which is found in pharmacies. Pour the clay into a pot and cover with the right quantity of water so, after mixing, to obtain a homogeneous paste. The composition thus obtained is administered over the varicose veins affected area. Clay layer should not exceed 1.5 cm thick. Cover the area properly and bandage your foot with a swaddle.

Hold the bandage for 1 hour then wash the area. After a few hours you should apply another bandage. Be careful though, if the cold or pain feeling occurs, remove the bandage immediately.

In addition, when the clay dries, another bandage should be applied quickly. Dry debris should be removed with warm water.

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