How to remove heavy metals from your body

We have often heard about the harmful effects heavy metals have when they enter in our body. But do we know what they are? How do we know if we have heavy metals in your body? Why they are so harmful? How do we protect ourselves against heavy metals?

Heavy metals are chemical elements found in the composition of the things that surround us, from the Earth’s crust to the human body: copper, iron, cobalt, manganese, zinc, aluminum, lead, arsenic. Problems occur when they accumulate in excess in our body and start to poison us little by little. But when discarded into the environment, in various forms, metals can remain so for centuries.

The natural treatment that removes heavy metals is based on the following supplements, which have chelating properties (they stick to heavy metals and they are easily removed from the body). At the same time, they have the advantage of causing no side effects, like medicines do:

Chlorella algae: These algae have a very strong detoxifying effect and they can remove all harmful substances, not just heavy metals, especially due to high content of chlorophyll. This is the main ingredient of the treatment.
Coriander: This plant is used traditionally as a seasoning. But, in addition to the chelating properties, it also contains vitamins, especially A and K, as well as a small amount of vitamin B, C and E.
Garlic: This drug-food is highly recommended in the treatment of many diseases. Due to its detoxifying properties, garlic eliminates all sorts of toxins in our body.
Magnesium: This mineral hasn’t chelating properties, but it is useful because it facilitates the toxic elements removal.

These supplements and foods should be consumed daily in extracts or tablets forms. Treatment should be followed for at least three months.

During the detoxification process, you might have some symptoms such as pain, acne and diarrhea. They can occur as a result of the body’s effort to eliminate toxic substances. We must consider this issue and we shouldn’t stop the treatment. Continue the treatment by drinking plenty of water between meals to facilitate detoxification.

In addition, it is very important not to have constipation because it can prevent the removal of heavy metals. As a result, the body can intoxicate again.

Also, we recommend following this treatment under your doctor’s supervision.

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