How To Prepare My Grandmother’s Honey-Onion Syrup To Get Rid Of Cough And Flu

Honey onion syrup is a healing recipe borrowed from my grandmother’s pharmacy, successfully used to get rid of cough and cold. It is very effective for adults, and can be adjusted (removing honey) for children.
Against all expectations, this natural syrup is tastier than it sounds. In addition, it is very cheap and much healthier and more efficient than synthetic syrups. Once you will prepare and try this syrup, you won’t buy synthetic syrups anymore.

– 1 large red onion
– 3-4 tablespoons of honey

There are two ways to prepare the onion syrup.

The first option is to remove the middle part of the onion, and pour honey into the hole. This method is similar to black radish honey syrup.

Leave it overnight, and the next day drain the juice, and consume the resulting syrup, taking 1 teaspoon every 6 hours. You have to administrate this natural treatment for 1 week.

Option 2 is simpler and faster. Cut the onion in round slices, place one layer of onion slices on the bottom of a Mason jar and add honey to cover it. Then add another layer of onions and honey…and so on.

Put the lid and let it act overnight for 8-12 hours, in a warm place. Strain the juice from the jar, and take 3 tablespoons per hour.

This syrup can stay at room temperature for 24 hours, but it’s better to consume it while it’s fresh.

For children who are not allowed to consume honey, use brown sugar instead.

Image Credits: Lataifas

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