How to get rid of herniated disc without surgery

There are many causes of herniated disc occurrence, most often being caused by a general predisposition of people for sedentary lifestyle, exercise limitation, disc trauma due to strong tension or due to increased pressure in the lumbar spine.

Next cure is old, but very good for treating the herniated disc. It’s as simple as it is effective if is followed several days in a row until significant improvement. What do you have to do?

Every night before bedtime, for 7-8 days, rub your hands and apply them one over another on the herniated place. Keep them so for 15-30 minutes (if you have patience, you can keep them more).

Then, put a compress soaked in Swedish Bitter on the painful area (preferably no alcohol). Put a plastic wrap and then a small towel, folded in two, over the compress.

Put a scarf or a girdle over your waist and let the compress sit overnight. Remove it in the morning and massage the area with marigold ointment.

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