How to get rid of gray hair with this 100% natural treatment

This remedy will improve your eyesight and will cleanse your skin. But the truly miraculous effect of this recipe will be seen on your white hair, which will return to its original color.

You need:

– 100 grams of flax seed oil
– 2 lemons
– 1 small garlic clove
– 500 grams of honey


Peel the garlic and put it in a blender. Wash the lemons, peel only 1 lemon (the second must remain intact) and add them in the blender over the garlic. Mix the ingredients properly. Add the flax seed oil and honey, stirring with a spoon until preparation becomes homogeneous.

Put the entire content into a jar. Close the lid and place it in the refrigerator. Eat a spoonful of this mixture with half an hour before each meal. It is recommended to consume this mixture at least 3 times a day. Follow this treatment 30-40 days and will see its miraculous effects.

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