Get Quick Relief With This Homemade Balm For Joint Pain

What I like the most about the homemade solution is that I know for a certain what ingredients I am using and for what specific purpose. Thus, I want to talk about the unbearable situation of a joint pain. Recovering from winter is not easy. Due to cold weather, our joints become more sore and stiff, causing painful movements that no one can handle. Maybe some warm baths will do the trick but sometimes we need something stronger. Hence, this homemade balm might be what you needed all along. Keep reading and see how you can get relief with this homemade balm for joint pain.

The ingredients you will need for this recipe are:

– 1 cup of dried herbs: 1 tablespoon each of cayenne, white willow, arnica and nettles
– 1 cup of grapeseed oil
– beeswax pellets

First off, we need to make an infused oil with the dried herbs. Thus, put your dried herbs in a jar and cover it with the oil. Secure the lid and shake a few times. Put the jar in a sunny place and leave it there for 2 weeks but make sure to shake it daily. After the time has passed, strain your oil using a funnel and a coffee filter.

Next, let’s move on to make the balm. For this, you will have to mix equal parts of wax and infused oil together in a double boiler. After you melt the wax into the oil, stir well to mix thoroughly. Then, simply transfer the mixture into a shallow jar and let it sit there for a few hours to cool off. Now it is ready to use on your joints to alleviate the pain.

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