Get Pain Relief With This Homemade Natural Remedy For Sore Throat

A sore throat can get quite painful, leaving you with a scratchy feeling in your throat. It is very uncomfortable since it will stop you from talking, swallowing which makes it a big problem when you are eating. Mostly, a sore throat is caused by an infection, or by several environmental factors due to weather changes. Not to mention, the burning sensation will only worsen the condition. Thus, looking for pain relief, you should consider natural alternatives. Keep reading and see how you can get pain relief with a homemade natural remedy for a sore throat.

Looking everywhere for a proper and effective solution, I have come across a recipe that actually does wonders. It consists of turmeric and milk. Check out the recipe!

The ingredients you will need are:

– 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder
– a few white peppercorns
– a cup of water
– a cup of milk.

Follow the next instructions:

Mix a cup of water with a cup of milk in a pan and heat it up on the stove at medium temperature.
Then, start adding the turmeric powder and the crushed white peppercorns.
Stir all the ingredients while you bring the mixture to boil.
Then, you will have to simmer for about 20 minutes which is why you needed a cup of water. Otherwise, you would wound up with a very thick consistency. This way, the milk will reduce to one cup.
Lastly, remove the pan from the stove and use a cheesecloth to strain the milk from the excess.
For drinking, you could also add a spoonful of honey to sweeten it a bit.

This drink will basically melt your throat, soothing the pain and coating it with a smooth layer of warm milk. Make sure you sip it carefully while it is still warm for optimal results.

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