The most effective and cheapest anti-wrinkle mask – Reduces wrinkles up to 50%

When you’re looking for a natural alternative, eggs can be a solution to reduce the problems your skin is facing. Egg white is the one that helps in our skin problems!

Specifically, if you have oily skin, excess sebum can be controlled using white egg-based masks, which is astringent, helping diminish the pores. And it doesn’t stop here. Albumin, which eggs contain in large amounts, acts against wrinkles and reduces their visibility. It is very important that your face to be relaxed when applying a white egg-based mask and your facial muscles immovable. As the albumen film dries very quickly, any extra movement would lead to its cracking.

According to this classical recipe, beat the egg-whites well until it becomes fluffy then add a few lemon drops. Clean your face with warm water then apply the resulting egg white mask. After 20 minutes, remove it with warm water then cleanse your face with cold water. You’ll experience the tight feeling skin for about an hour after removing the mask.

Beware: check first if you are allergic to any substance contained by the egg white or in general, if you have skin allergy. Also, when using raw egg, you may feel an unpleasant flavor.

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