Banish Those Canker Sores With One Of These Spectacular Remedies

Canker sores are very uncomfortable, especially when you talk or when you swallow. They can appear on your tongue, cheeks and even on your lips. There are many factors that can cause canker sores. It can be caused by accidental biting of the tongue, scratching teeth, or even drinking hot drinks. Food allergies can also be the fault.
Most of canker sores are white or yellow, and the area surrounding them is red because of the inflammation. Although they can disappear after a week, you can reduce the discomfort and inflammation by using these remedies.

Use ice
If the pain caused by canker sores is unbearable then you can take an ice cube and keep it on the affected area. Low ice temperature will relieve pain and reduce inflammation. You can put the ice cube in your mouth or massage the affected area with it by applying it on the affected cheek.

Baking soda is very helpful
You can try using baking soda to get rid of canker sores because it’s very effective. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation and pain. For this remedy, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water and gargle your mouth with it for a couple of minutes then spit it.

Use aloe vera
If you are looking for a quick remedy, use aloe vera. This leaf contains antibacterial properties and helps healing canker sores. It will also calm the pain caused by them. Cut a leaf of aloe vera plant in half, and remove the gel from it. Apply it directly on the affected area, and let it act for 5 minutes then rinse your mouth with water.

Image Credits: Healthyguide and Stethnews

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