6 reasons to drink warm water on an empty stomach

We all have the habit of drinking a glass of water, tea or coffee on an empty stomach. If we choose to drink water, we always prefer cold water, because it’s refreshing. Actually, it is best to drink warm water on an empty stomach.

Daily consumption of warm water on an empty stomach is beneficial for the digestive system and stimulates the elimination of toxins that affect our immune system. According to experts, it is best to start the day with a glass of warm water or mixed with lemon. This drink decreases free radicals and acts as a barrier against many diseases.

While warm water is not very pleasant to drink, there are many reasons to start consuming it either neat or mixed with lemon. Here are 6 reasons to start consuming warm water on an empty stomach.

1. A glass of warm water improves digestion

A glass of warm or hot water consumed before meals purifies the body of toxins. Water stimulates the digestive system, helping digesting the food and eliminates waste.

Drinking cold water can do more harm than good. Cold water solidifies the oils and fats from food, making it difficult for digestion. Experts recommend replacing the cold water cup with warm water.

2. Prevent constipation with warm water

Because much of the food we eat is digested slowly, many people are facing a slow intestinal transit. This problem, known as constipation, is causing waste disposal difficulty, bloating, pain and discomfort. Hot water consumption improves peristalsis and fights constipation. By stimulating the digestion, this good habit is vital for waste elimination.

3. Relieve pain with hot water

A glass of warm water can sometimes be the best way to improve menstrual cramps and headaches. The heat has a calming effect on the body, helping relax abdominal muscles and relieves cramps and spasms. According to some studies, drinking warm water stimulates circulation and is great for treating cramps.

4. Helps weight loss diets

You probably already know that warm water is ideal for weight loss (when drank on an empty stomach). It is true. Warm water increases body temperature and accelerates metabolism, stimulating fat burning. Warm water consumption improves gastrointestinal tract and kidneys functions. Ideally you should drink warm water mixed with lemon.

5. Warm water improves blood circulation

A glass of warm water stimulates the body fat elimination. These properties help our body to eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation and purify the body. Warm water helps relax the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

6.Warm water prevents premature aging

The simple habit of drinking hot water on an empty stomach prevents premature aging and its consequences. When we accumulate toxins, our body is prone to disease and aging. A glass of warm water in the morning stimulates detoxification and prevents many diseases. In addition, warm water is ideal for cellular rebuilding and restores skin elasticity.

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