5 Step-By-Step Indications To Get Rid Of The Pain Caused By Bunions

Bunions are a serious problem, which involves the deformation of the leg’s bone structure caused by inadequate footwear. Because of tight footwear or high heels, the toe is pushed to the other fingers and its joint become more and more painful in time.

Here are some great remedies to help you get rid of the pain caused by bunions.

1. When bunions appear, it’s indicated to give up wearing uncomfortable footwear. The foot should be very comfortably so that you have enough space to move your fingers, and between the toe and shoe tip should be a 1 cm space.

2. Try a series of leg exercises that can reduce pain caused by bunions and prevent them from getting worse:
– stretch your thumb with your hands, pulling it so that it aligns correctly with your other fingers;
– stretch all your toes for 10 seconds, then bend them all the same time, repeating this exercise a few times;
– press your finger through the floor until they are bent towards the sole, stand for 10 seconds, then put them in their natural position, repeating this exercise a few times;
– Try to catch objects with your toes. For example, pick up clothes or towels on the floor several times.

Buy a pair of pellets from the pharmacy, some cushions specially designed to align your fingers and reduce the effects of your mounts.

4. Tie your fingers in the correct position with the help of a bandage before stretching. Apply this method for a few weeks, and if the problem is not serious, your fingers might realign.

5. Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes every evening to get rid of the pain caused by mounts. Another option is to use an ice-filled bag placed on affected areas for 20 minutes.

Image Credits: Livestrong

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