Natural Remedy To Straighten Your Hair Without A Straightener

We all know how expensive is to go to the hairstylist, and, used on long-term, the hair products and hair utensils may damage very badly your hair. The below remedy is for those women who want to give up using the hair straightener and for those with curly hair who want to make a change. You need: – 250 ml …

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Why You Should Wash Your Hair With Beer For 7 Days In A Row

Wash your hair with beer for 7 days and you’ll have brighter and hydrated hair and also your hair won’t fall anymore because it stops hair loss. Used regularly, beer strengthens your hair, prevents it from falling and gets you rid of greasy hair. Why you should wash your hair with beer for 7 days in a row? Even if …

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How to get rid of gray hair with this 100% natural treatment

This remedy will improve your eyesight and will cleanse your skin. But the truly miraculous effect of this recipe will be seen on your white hair, which will return to its original color. You need: – 100 grams of flax seed oil – 2 lemons – 1 small garlic clove – 500 grams of honey Direction: Peel the garlic and …

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